Accessories for a heated sauna heater Wall protection plate Black 800x1000
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Wall cover plate Black 790x1050 (1 pc)

€108.00 VAT included

€86.40 VAT excluded


The safety distance to the sides and back can be reduced
by half using a simple protective screen.
The distance between the sauna oven and the protective screen
however, must always be at least 50 mm.

The protective wall is suitable for use
together with the following Narvi Oy's
»» Narvi NC 16-24, NC 20 VS, Mirva, Mirva ES
»» Kota Luosto, Luosto USA, Inari, Pallas, Kuru
»» Aito 16-24, 16-24 US

The protective wall needed may depend on where and on
what product it is used for. When selecting and mounting
protective wall you should consider the size of the product, the sauna
shape and the direction of bathing. In addition, one should
also leave enough room for a possible water container.
A sauna oven with side mounted water tank
need eg a wider protective wall than a sauna oven
with front mounted water tank.

The protective wall is used to protect a wall of flammable
materials against heat radiation. If the floor is flammable
material or a tile floor must Narvis mounting plate
used under the fireplace. The mounting plate is optional equipment
and not shipped with the product.
When using a Kota chimney, it must be fitted
so that the insulated part of the chimney extends below
the top edge of the protective wall. This helps eliminate the effect
of heat radiation from uninsulated chimney parts.

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