Tylö Basturum i1115 Corner Svart
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Tylö Basturum i1313 Black

Tylö sauna room for 2 people
Size: 1325x1325x2090 mm
Material: Asp / Ask / Aluminum
Heating system: Optional
Delivery time: 4 weeks

€7,625.00 (VAT incl.) €6,100.00 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

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Impression black lacquered aluminum, a compact smaller sauna in an elegant design.

Swedish-made sauna with black lacquered aluminum profiles and woods such as Asp and heat-treated Ash.

Tylö impression I1313 is intended to be placed against a wall side and is also made mirror-inverted if you like it better. The sauna room has an area of less than 1.7 m2, which makes it both large and easy to place. A sauna for the smaller bathroom but still big enough for room for 3 people. The sauna room can be used both with a traditional sauna heater or as a steam sauna.
A Tylö sauna is a craft that is manufactured exclusively for you when ordering. After ordering, the production takes place in Halmstad and takes about 4 weeks.
Both exterior and interior breathe Swedish quality craftsmanship.

Easily mounted with the aluminum profiles of the frame.

When mounting, the aluminum profiles are easily locked with a "Quick lock" system completely without screws. Lighting, hygrometer / thermometer, aluminum floor frame, blinds, corner and ceiling moldings, valve and mounting details are included in the package.

Sauna specification:

Sauna external dimensions:
Length: 1325 mm
Height: 2090 mm
Depth: 925 mm

Sauna heater

Optional: Sense Sport 2/4.

Data sheet
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