Exellent bastu för 2 personer
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Exellent sauna for 2 people

Traditional sauna for 2 people.
Size: 1390x1100x2000 mm
Type of wood: Hemlock
Sauna heater: Optional
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Sauna Exellent for 2 people.

Excellent and a modern sauna in a small format

An Exellent sauna in its own modern design with large glass sections that are partly covered by wooden shutters, which gives a modern feeling. With the small size of the sauna, it is also suitable for those who are short of space but still the sauna feels large due to its large glass sections. A hidden light strip with chromotherapy is located behind the backrest, which gives the feeling of a modern design.

It is easy to build an exellent sauna.

Exellent sauna that is delivered in a smart kit and which is easy to assemble yourself without the help of craftsmen. The wall sides are prefabricated so you mount four wall sides on a floor and lay on the ceiling. The kit contains accessories that you may otherwise have to pay extra for, for example, sauna bucket, hygrometer / thermometer, sauna lamp, scoop, handle, sand clock and of course the entire sauna with lichens, door, etc. The only thing you need to order is a sauna heater.

With a design that gives the right sauna feeling.

An Exellent sauna also has a large wooden handle and a sauna abaci wood. Abachi wood does not absorb high heat and is more resistant to humid environments than other types of wood, which makes it excellent to use in a sauna. All glasses are made of tempered safety glass.

Sauna specification:

Sauna external dimensions:
Length: 1390 mm
Height: 2000 mm
Depth: 1100 mm


Material: Hemlock, clear lacquered outside

Bastulave: Abachi
Tempered safety glass 6mm, clear glass
Wooden handle: Maxi- Abachi

Lighting inside: Lamps on the wall side / LED light behind the backrest

Exterior lighting: No.

Other: Passive ventilation in the ceiling
It comes with a stem, scoop, thermo / hygrometer and sand hour.
Unit protection in ribbed wood.

Sauna heater recommendation:

3.6 to 4.5 kW

Location Right side

Sauna heaters are optional, see below

An extra 10 cm in ceiling height is required for installation
and two people during assembly

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