Infraröd bastu Zenit Svart
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Infrared sauna Zenit Black

Infrared sauna Zenit Black for 2 people
Size: 1300x1043x2000 mm
Wood type: Black lacquered aluminum / Abachi / Cedar
Heating system: IR-Duo Wave
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Zenit sauna with a black front of Aluminum.

Zenit sauna that is elegantly designed with various infrared heating techniques which makes it possible with deep treatments. Zenit has vertical wall panels of Abachi and with a glazed front part of black lacquered aluminum.
The inside has a vertical finger jointed cedar panel and a sauna bench that is ergonomically designed.
The door has a vertical black lacquered cedar door frame that acts as a handle.
The backrests are made of cedar and the sauna leaves have a rounded bend which is comfortable for the legs. Skylight in ceiling section that is adjustable in 7 different colors. This is another completely new design from Luxway , unique in its design and with well-thought-out heating technology.

Zenit is equipped with the latest technology of infrared sauna heating.

IR vitalight, the "vital light" a full-spectrum heating also called red glass. A technology developed by Philips and which today is the most efficient heat source, the heat waves cover the entire infrared spectrum.

IR heating with 2 techniques

Duo-Wave triple heating system with Vitalight and Incolloy, Mica wave offers a unique opportunity to switch between two different heating systems in the same heater. (not the floor heater)
• The IR-Vitalight (full spectrum) heater creates a fast and intense heat after only 1-2 minutes. It generates a short-wave infrared heat that is transmitted deeper into the skin and provides a therapeutic effect for the body.
• The IR-Incolloy (magnesium oxide) heater emits a softer heat that envelops the body and provides a comfortable feeling of warmth. These infrared heat waves are long-wave and heat at the same depth as the skin's sensory bodies and create an effective sweating of the body. The heat is optimal after about 15 minutes.
• Mica Wave, a new carbon technology that provides a soft infrared heat radiation.

Unique touch protection

Unique touch protection that never gets too hot to the touch.

ThermoCoat: A new advanced touch protection that insulates the metal surface in front of infrared heaters to reduce the risk of burns when touched. ThermoCoat is made of a special nano-wool material that has extremely good thermal insulation ability despite its minimal thickness. This makes the infra sauna safe and protects even the smallest fingers from burning themselves.

Infrared sauna with many functions


Sauna external dimensions
Length 1000 mm
Depth 1043 mm
Height 2000 mm

Shipping : SEK 875 / all of Sweden

Material specification:

Exterior: Vertical exterior panels in Abachi.
Front: Black lacquered aluminum
Inside: Vertical inner panels in finger-jointed cedar
Door in tempered safety glass 6mm, clear glass
Hinges in black lacquered steel

Handle Black lacquered cedar vertically
Bench in Cedar, 500mm deep with rounded front edge
Ergonomic backrests in Cedar.

Infrared heating system

Duo-heating , dual infrared heating systems with Vitalight and Magnesium.
Switch between the different heating systems with a simple push of a button.
The front side of the heaters is equipped with a black protective net in wool material
Duo-heating system location; back and calves.
Infrared: MicaWave panel on wall side.

Total number of heaters 9 pcs.

Ventilation hatch in abachi and ceiling.

Total infrared power 2000W

10A. 230V. 50Hz

Electrical connection: Standard socket
230V earthed electrical outlet, cord length about 2 m comes from the ceiling.
Low EMF: Read more about EMF

Control panel Infrastructure

LCD display inside.
Timer control up to 90 min
Temperature control up to 65 C
Thermal control of infrared heat, as well as light, music via control panel.

Sound system

2 speakers
MP3 with Bluetooth function

Lighting inside

Reading lamp 5W spotlight.
Built-in ceiling lighting with 4 lengths that follows all sides of the roof and provides a pleasant indirect light.

Assembly and installation:
An extra 10 cm in ceiling height is required for installation and two people when mounting.

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