Sauna Ember for 4 people
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Infrared sauna Ember Maxi - Energy efficient sauna - A++ - Infrared full spectrum A.B.C deep heat

Infrared sauna for 4 people
Size: 1550x1550x1900 mm
Wood type: Hemlock
Heating system: IR-Vitalight
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€2,318.00 (VAT incl.) €1,854.40 (VAT excl.)
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Ember infrared corner sauna for 4 people.

Infrared sauna with the latest technology of infrared heat. Ember has a classic design but is experienced as larger with its side glass in the wall sections. This is an infrared sauna that is easy to assemble and use and you can play music via your mobile phone with bluetooth connection or if you prefer to read a book then you can click on a reading light inside the sauna. All infrared heating technology is already pre-installed in the walls so it is easy to assemble cables to each other without having to hire a craftsman or electrician. After mounting, you connect this sauna to a regular electrical outlet with a plug, that the sauna is energy-saving, of course, also saves on the earth's resources and on your electricity bill.

Ember means "glowing coal".

Equipped with the latest technology of infrared sauna heat.

IR vitalight, the "vital light" a full spectrum heating. A technology developed by Philips and which today is by far the most efficient source of heat, the heat waves cover the entire infrared spectrum.
Infrared saunas are energy efficient
Energy saving sauna



Sauna outside dimensions
Width : 1550 mm
Depth : 1550 mm
Height : 1900 mm

Material: Tempered safety glass 6mm
Clear glass in side parts and glass door, inside in hemlock wood

Control panel: Touch panel on the inside.

Timer control up to 99 min
Temperature control up to 60 0 C

Sound system: 2 pcs. speakers with Bluetooth connection.

Lighting inside: Reading lamp ceiling.

Lighting outside: Yes

Other: Built-in backrest ergonomically
Active ventilation.



Heating system:
IR Vitalight: Back, side and legs
Wavelength 1.5–11 µm
Total 8 pcs.

Total power: 2400W
10A. 230V. 50Hz

Electrical connection : Standard Euro plug
230V grounded electrical socket, cable length 2 m comes from ceiling

Low EMF: Read more about EMF


Installation and installation:
An extra 10 cm in height is required for installation
and two people during assembly

Data sheet
Sauna Size
Sauna for 3 to 4 people
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