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Supi Arctic Gray Mother of Pearl 0.9 Liter

Protective wax for wooden surfaces.
Color: Gray

€40.09 VAT included

€32.07 VAT excluded


Supi Arctic protective wax

Gray mother of pearl

Protection containing natural wax for wooden surfaces in sauna .
NOTE! Not for seating areas!

Wall and ceiling panels, windows and doors indoors. With this protective wax you can get a shade of gray in your sauna with a simultaneous protection against dry cracks. A good sauna accessory that saves work in the future.

Enough. 10-13 m² / l depending on wood type and porosity.

The surface to be painted should be dry, the temperature of the air at least 5 ° C and the relative humidity below 80%. Paintable after 1/2 - 1 h. Drying time 24 h.

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