Inspirational images of sauna rooms

A collection of inspirational images of our ready-made saunas in the home or public space:

Glossy Corner

Relaxing in a wonderful Glossy Corner.


Newly installed WivoCare at a customer's home. Waiting for her first sauna bath!

Yoga gurun #lottasebzdayoga Provar sin nya Infraröda tunnelbastu med Rödljus och PEMF.

Yoga Gurun #lottasebzdayoga tests their new Infrared Tunnel Sauna with PEMF and Red Light Therapy


Beautiful relaxation room with a Select sauna for two people at Brown in Borås.


Relaxation in the infrared sauna tunnel.


Beautifully lit Glossy sauna for 3 people.


Karin in her wonderful Select sauna for 2 people.


Wonderful placement of a 2-person Glossy sauna in the home gym.


A 1-person Select sauna fits perfectly in the small spa corner in the basement. A moment of relaxation from all the stress.

Apollon Corner

An Apollon Tourmaline Corner, perfect for a home spa. Color therapy for extra ambiance.


Our smallest furniture sauna, the extendable Harmonica, perfect for almost any small bathroom with a depth of only 57cm.

Glossy Commercial

A Glossy Commercial sauna with space for up to 6 people in a small gym somewhere in Sweden.


An infrared Glossy sauna for 2 people, wonderful for muscle recovery after a strength session.


A little relaxation in the Select sauna after a long week. Good for both body and soul.

Relax Lux

A Relax Lux sauna with room for 5-6 people in your home's relaxation room.

A Jade 110 sauna nicely placed in a workroom, when you may need a relaxing break sometimes. Submitted by one of our German customers.

Emma Enjoying the Glossy infrared sauna installed at a Gym/Spa in Malmö.

Select Corner

New Select Corner sauna installed in the office, shouldn't all offices have an infrared sauna? We think so!

Glossy 3

Cozy place Glossy sauna for 3 people in a home spa. Perfect relaxation for the whole family.

The Jade110 sauna fits perfectly into the modern bathroom decor.

Select 2

Take the opportunity to do some self-care in the sauna, with, for example, a massage and maybe something good to drink.


Stylish built-in Select sauna for 3 people in a small outdoor spa


A Select sauna in the gym's relaxation area together with a cold bath, do you have an infrared sauna at your gym?


Nicely placed Delight sauna built into the wall in a relaxation room adjacent to the terrace and pool.

Select Corner

Select Corner sauna in a cozy little spare room. Perfect relaxation after a stressful day.

Apollon Turmalin 4

Apollon Turmalin 4-person sauna, nicely built into the wall.

Glossy Corner

Glossy Corner, neatly placed in a relaxation room, the bubbly is poured and ready for a relaxing evening.


Harmonica for 2 people, a perfect sauna when you have limited space, in folded depth, only 58cm.


Ember sauna for two people, nicely placed in the corner of a relaxation room.

More inspirational images will be uploaded continuously.