Electromagnetic fields (EMF) from sauna use

Facts about electromagnetic fields

Elektromagnetiska fält

Comparison of electromagnetic fields (EMF)

The Luxway "Carbon Wave" heater has a low frequency electromagnetic field of 0.2-0.3 µT (at 50Hz) at the heating surface and a 50% drop at only 8 cm.
The Luxway "Vitaelight" heater is a more powerful heater, so when at maximum power it generates an electromagnetic field of 0.3-0.8 µT at 50Hz, at the heating surface and a 50% drop at only 12 cm (reduce this to half if you run the heater at a normal 70% power).

This compares to a power cord in the wall which is approx: 1-1.5 µT at 50Hz measured on the outside of the wall, with a 50% drop at 15cm, and these cords are around you all the time. The products in the home that generate the strongest electromagnetic fields otherwise: Electrical outlets approx: 0.5-0.8 µT, Hairdryer 8-25 µT (5 minutes of hair drying is equivalent to several hours in a Luxway infrared sauna), cell phones 0.2-0.5µT, stove & oven 10-20 µT, and several other household products especially those powered by an internal AC motor. The strength of the EMF field in your home or office that you are exposed to daily for a long time is on average 0.11 µT or 1.1 mG. In an airplane you are exposed to a field of about 5 µT.

How to measure EMF

When we measure Electromagnetic fields, we measure 2 cm from the heater itself (at the seating area), an average value of the entire heating surface during a sauna session. Several manufacturers who claim to have virtually EMF-free infrared saunas measure in the center of a sauna, far from the heaters where the field is strongest.

Recommendations for EMF

We recommend that you read more in the Swedish report on EMF:

Swedish radiation Safety

In short, even strong fields have no impact on the health of the vast majority of people. However, there is a small minority of the population who say they are hypersensitive to electricity and get temporary headaches or similar when exposed to strong fields for a long time.

(0,1 µT corresponds to 1 mG)


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