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The sauna specialist in Sweden

Infrared heat leads to a better quality of life

In the autumn of 2006, Luxway Nordic AB was started with a mix of entrepreneurship and authorized healthcare professionals with a focus on disseminating knowledge about the positive effects of infrared heat. We quickly saw how the infrared heat-affected people with various physical problems, but that the sauna form also suited the people who were looking for a quick and deep sweat with relaxation. Gradually, the idea of ​​creating a company with a focus on developing other products with infrared heat grew. One result is that today we have infrared heating mattresses in different formats and with precious stones that generate infrared heat waves in a natural way and they are also available in smaller formats in so-called infrared body heaters for concentrated heat radiation. The development we have reached today is that all infrared saunas in our range are developed and designed via Luxway from drawing to a selection of infrared technology. In our range, you will find small saunas for 1 person and up to 8 people.

Knowledge of infrared heat

Since the start in 2006, we have developed the technology in our saunas. The way to create infrared heat waves has undergone major changes and our goal has always been to use the latest technology to achieve the ultimate infrared heat. Over the years, we have developed a combination sauna, where both traditional and infrared heat are combined in the same sauna room. We have developed infrared panel sets that you can retrofit in a traditional sauna. You save energy costs and get an efficient fast sauna, no matter what size you have. Today you can find our IR panels in public environments such as municipal swimming pools, hotels, spas, or fitness centers. In our store in Gothenburg Sweden, you will find knowledgeable staff and infrared saunas, IR heating mattresses, infrared patio heaters, infrared heating panels for home heating.

The sauna shop's normal opening hours:

Weekdays Monday to Friday: 10: 00-18: 00 (lunch closed 12: 00-13: 00)

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Please note! We are closed for inventory on 2 May.

The sauna specialist in Sweden

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