Infrared Patio heaters

You get a longer outdoor season with infrared patioheaters.

In the European countries, we would like to be able to use our patios as long as possible. We are very careful about what kind of wood we should have our garden furniture or what patio deck we should have, everything from the look and taste to that functionality, but many people forget that the last thing about getting a cozy patio is of course that it should be warm and cozy . It is an easy thing to get a heat source as an patio heater or as it is also called terrace heater and which can provide unforgettable moments with friends and acquaintances on the patio. The most common and the best way to avoid freezing is not blankets and plaids but it is simply an infrared heater.

Today there is a large selection of different types of heaters on the market. Everything from heat sources that are powered by gas fuel or a new type of infrared lamp, ie halogen as shortwave heat that you have probably seen in restaurants and cafes. But to be able to choose what is right for you and your outdoor environment, there are some things that may be good to know.

Infravärmare av hög kvalité

Veito room heater white 1700W

Infrared heater | Room heater Veito 1700W
For indoor heating.
Delivery time: 4-6 days (In stock)

Luxway Floor Stand White

Luxway Floor Stand for Terrace Heater
For balconies or outdoor dining.