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1 Payment options

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We use WorldLine as the provider of our checkout. This means that we might transfer your personal data in the form of contact and order details to WorldLine when the checkout is loaded, in order for WorldLine to manage your purchase. 



2 Applicability

Terms of purchase and delivery

These terms of purchase and delivery apply to Luxway Nordic (hereinafter referred to as "Luxway") sales of goods manufactured or otherwise supplied by Luxway.

These general terms and conditions apply when the customer has purchased goods from Luxway, and by making a purchase at Luxway, the customer agrees to comply with these general terms and conditions as a whole.

Luxway owns the right to make changes to the general terms of purchase and delivery.

Pre-order of goods that are expected to arrive at Luxway's warehouse

When you order a stock item that is temporarily sold out but is expected to be back in stock, you pay no advance. In the case of special orders or customized items, individual terms can be agreed. You can pre-order your item by placing an order on the item. When you order an item that is not in stock, you choose to pay by invoice or partial payment, and you will then receive an order confirmation by email. You can make sure that you receive your item at the next delivery through a pre-order. Luxway informs the website when a sold-out product is scheduled to be back in stock. If you have pre-ordered an item and it is time for delivery of the item, an email will be sent to you with a more specific delivery time, which you confirm, we do not receive confirmation of the email, we will contact you by phone. The last day and time for delivery come from the freight forwarder via text message (possibly telephone or letter), after the goods have been collected from Luxway's warehouse.

Manufacturing order

If an item is listed as "Manufacturing order", the product is produced per order and therefore the delivery time may vary, the delivery time stated on the product page is a target but in some cases it may take longer depending on the number of orders and production capacity at the factory. In the case of a manufacturing order, the right of withdrawal does not apply after the product has begun production, as this is classified as a customized product. For manufacturing orders, a deposit of 20% of the product's price is paid when the order is placed, this is invoiced separately.


3 Contact information

Luxway Nordic AB with organization number. 5564170302

Address: Datavägen 43 A, 436 39 Askim, Sweden

Phone number: +46 31-899080

Email: info@luxway.se

Website www.luxway.eu


4 Your purchase at Luxway

 Luxway sells the goods listed on our website www.luxway.eu and the products available in the stores. Accepted payment is your receipt for your purchase.


5 Price

5.1 Price

Price of goods can be found on the website. The prices are stated in Danish kroner and include VAT. The price is excl. Shipping, unless otherwise stated. The total price for the order is the price stated in the checkout when ordering.

5.2 Price for shipping

Shipping costs for each item can be found on the website.

6 Delivery


6.1 Delivery time

Delivery usually takes place from Luxway's warehouse within 3 to 6 days of stocked products, after the words have been confirmed.

If the product is not in stock, delivery will take place as soon as possible after the goods are returned to Luxway warehouse, or Luxway will arrange direct delivery from factory to customer. Reservation of delayed delivery time may occur in cases where the customer lives in an unequal place where the freight forwarder is less frequent.

6.2 Delivery methods and other information about delivery

Customers can pick up the item (s) at any of Luxway's warehouses located in Helsingborg. Contact Luxway to book pick-up or for information on the current storage space for the desired item. See 3. Contact information

The customer can have the item (s) delivered. Delivery is by the shipping company.

In cases where delivery is ordered by the customer, Luxway handles the transport of the goods/goods and is responsible for this / these. Luxway uses DSV and DHL as freight forwarders. For special deliveries, other freight forwarders may be relevant.

Depending on the size of the item (s), delivery takes place either to the customer or to - delivery to a package representative.

When delivered directly to the customer, this is made the nearest transportable route for the current delivery address. If an extended delivery service is required with import / export of the item (s), additional costs are added for booking Luxway, see 3. Contact information.

When delivering for delivery of parcel agents, this is done to the nearest representative of the relevant delivery address. In high-season variations for parcel deliveries, delivery can be made to the nearest representative who has the space to receive and deliver the goods. At most nearby delivery locations, and the customer wants to pick up the goods at a specific delivery location, this must be informed of the order in the message field. Luxway, which reserves for space conditions on the chosen means, may lead to another departure point.

6.3 Delivery directly to the customer

When the shipping company delivers to the customer's home, the customer must be aware of the following circumstances:

  • Once the customer has approved the delivery time that the shipping company has proposed, you must be able to make sure that someone receives the announced delivery of the goods / goods.
  • The customer must prepare a free route for delivery to completion. The product is delivered to the nearest transportable road so close to the door of the apartment building or in apartments to the outside of the house. It is the driver who determines the length of access to the customer.
  • Only an agreed surrender attempt will be made.
  • In cases where the customer is not in place to receive the item (s), the shipping company leaves the item (s) at the nearest terminal. The item (s) will be stored at the terminal for 7 working days, so that the customer can pick it up himself or that the customer enters into a new agreement with the forwarder for a new transfer attempt to the customer's predetermined delivery address. Freight forwarder's costs for delivery at the terminal or new delivery are invoiced by Luxway to the customer. If the customer does not redeem the item (s) within 7 working days, the item/items will be returned to Luxway. Luxway invoices the customer for return shipping.
  • The freight forwarder is responsible for the risk that the goods/goods will be damaged or lost during transport. If the customer collects the goods at the forwarder's terminal, the goods must be inspected at the terminal. transport damage must then be reported at the terminal. The transport risk passes from the terminal to the customer.
  • In the case of direct delivery to the customer of the goods, and the risk of the goods is transferred to the customer. The customer must sign the shipping document submitted by the shipping company.
  • In case of transport damage, ie. Damage such as brand/damage to packaging or the like, which the customer can see during the mandatory examination of the condition of the item/item on arrival, must be reported to the shipping company immediately. The complaint is made directly by a written note on the shipping document, which the customer must sign to confirm receipt of the goods. By informing the customer about the current driver about the desire to claim damage to the packaging, the driver must refer to the place for listing.
  • In the case of concealed transport damage, damage related to the transport, but which is not visible during the mandatory examination of the product packaging, the damage must be reported immediately when the customer discovers it and within 7 days. If the customer has discovered damage to the product and wishes to have the damage repaired, the damaged part must not be installed on the product/item. In the event of transport-related damage / hidden damage, it is recommended for the fastest handling that damage be reported to customer service 0771-345 345. Enter the shipment number of the transport when contacting DHL customer service. On DHL's website there is a form for complaints if the customer wants to report damage / hidden damage via e-mail.
  • If the customer picks up the goods at the forwarder's terminal, Luxway warehouse, or shop, the transport responsibility is transferred to the customer.

6.4 Delivery for delivery to parcel agents

DHL delivers the goods to the nearest DHL Service Point Delivery Unit

  • The freight forwarder is responsible for the risk if the goods will be damaged or lost during transport.
  • If damage to the item (s) is discovered at the time of delivery, the customer must complain directly to the DHL service point by stating damage to the scope of the receipt.
  • The specified damage must be verified by DHL Service Point personnel.
  • Demonstrated damage at a later time, ie. hidden damage, this must be reported to DHL as soon as possible and within 7 days of receipt of the item. Late complaints can mean that the customer's compensation for the damage is not lost.
  • In the event of transport-related damage / hidden damage, it is recommended for the fastest handling that damage be reported to customer service 0771-345 345. Enter the shipment number of the transport when contacting DHL customer service. On DHL's website, there is a form for complaints if the customer wants to report damage / hidden damage via e-mail.
  • If the customer does not redeem the goods from DHL Service Point within the time specified by the forwarder via text message and letters for delivery of the goods, and he/she returns to Luxway, Luxway will charge the customer for the return shipment.


7 Complaints & Warranty


7.1 Complaints and warranty

Luxway goods purchased by consumers who are consumers have a 3-year warranty on the original fault and a 1-year guarantee. The warranty is valid from the original date of purchase. Your proof of purchase is valid as a receipt for a warranty and a claim. Luxway products purchased by customers who are businesses are covered by a 6-month warranty. The warranty conditions apply to original customers, if the customer has acquired the goods by other means, there is no longer any warranty commitment from Luxway.

7.2 Warranty and complaint coverage

The warranty covers the following
The warranty covers material and manufacturing defects in all components of the Luxway series and is valid from the date of purchase in the store, when ordering or online.

What is not covered by the warranty

- Products that have been used incorrectly or incorrectly, cleaned using the wrong cleaning method or incorrect cleaning products. The warranty does not normally cover wear, notches, scratches or damage caused by blows, accidents or damage that occurred during installation. Sauna wood is a very porous material, so small scratches and pressure damage can occur when the parts are assembled and unpacked, be very careful. Thereafter, the customer failed in preventative measures, such as failing surface treatment of exposed parts of the product with this need.

- If the product has been stored incorrectly while waiting for installation or incorrectly installed.

- If the product is located in another environment, for example: indoor models located outdoors or otherwise to the other environment of the product.

- If the product is installed in a place where there is a lack of space and lack of space, it makes it impossible to follow the installation instructions for the product.

- If the intended space for installation is an uneven or sloping floor. This can lead to gaps between wall to wall or between wall sides and ceilings as well as door to the ceiling or floor section.

- About products used in the public environment / commercial use, where the product is used by third parties individually from the owner, and it can be assumed that users do not have sufficient knowledge about the use of the product and if the product is used incorrectly as a result of lack of product knowledge without having the approval of the seller to use the actual product in such an environment.

- If there have been changes in the product's origin or function.

- Material defects are not covered; variations in the wood material in terms of hue, veins and minor wood cracks, this may occur as wood is a living material or damage to glass parts supplied in full condition. We can not guarantee that the actual item has exactly the hue perceived by the item on your computer.

Hidden wood such as up on the roof, under benches, behind backrests, and regulations are often made in 2.a sorting material so that twigs and small cracks can occur. This is not visible when installing a sauna.

Deviations in panel lines occur in the seams on wall/floor sections.


Spare parts have a 6-month warranty.

If the defect in the item is covered by the warranty, Luxway will repair the defective part or send spare parts for replacement, we also reserve the right to cancel the purchase. Replacement of any spare part is taken by the customer even after receipt of the spare part. In the event of an agreement between the customer and Luxway on the return of the goods for review, inspection or action, the complete product must be sent in return, unless otherwise agreed, to enable the processing of the goods. Repairs not approved by Luxway are non-refundable. If the product is delivered in a set and the customer wishes to use a guarantee for a part / detail of the set, the continued installation of the product must not take place before the submitted complaint form and that Luxway has returned to the customer in the case. If the customer continues to assemble the part / detail that the customer wishes to use the warranty for without contact with Luxway, Luxway is not responsible for any additional work / extra costs that may involve replacement or repair of the already fitted part. Replaced parts go to Luxway.

Complaints In the event of a complaint, this must be done within two months of the customer's discovery of the error in order for the complaint to be submitted on time. Customers must be able to provide proof that the defect was originally from the beginning of the product.

7.3 Other matters

If the damage is related to the transport of the product (s), the obligations under,

Delivery of goods 6 6.2. everything. 6.3, in order for the transport insurance to be used, visible damage to the shipping document must be reported after receipt of the item/item. Damages must then be reported to DHL on tel: +46 771-345345, where a freight forwarder number must be assigned to the customer by the forwarder. We recommend that damage to the outer packaging be documented with photography, if possible. If further damage occurs after removal of packaging in connection with the transport, this must be informed to the freight forwarder.

In the event of a guarantee case or complaint, the "guarantee and complaint form" must be completed and sent to info@luxway.dk. Click here to open the guarantee and the complaint form (the form is filled in digitally, then printed and signed). In cases where the customer is missing e-mail, the form must be sent by post, see point 3. Contact information

8 Right of withdrawal

 8.1 You can use the right of withdrawal as follows

If you wish to cancel your purchase, this must be done in writing on Luxway's cancellation form, see link below. The right of withdrawal includes our customers who have purchased the product externally (online or by phone) and outside our store premises. The right of withdrawal is 14 days from the day after you have received the goods. Once you have canceled your purchase in writing, the item must be returned to Luxway within 14 days at the agreed return address. Refunds will be made as soon as possible and no later than 14 days after the goods are returned, and Luxway inspected the goods after return transport.

8.2 Conditions for withdrawal

You as a customer are responsible for the return shipment. This means that you as a customer are responsible for the shipping costs for the return shipment. You are responsible for any. transport damage and the risk of the goods being lost during the return shipment. When exercising the right of withdrawal, the goods must be;

- In unchanged condition, which means that they should not be used damaged or damaged

- Packed in original packaging (we recommend when you return the entire sauna that the product is on the pallet for safe return shipping).

8.3 Goods where the right of withdrawal does not apply

Hygiene products in damaged packaging such as complete saunas - saunas, infra-mattresses, - pillows, and body heat. The right of withdrawal does not apply to customized products, ie. products manufactured in accordance with the customer's instructions, even in cases where the customer is a company.

8.4 Impairment compensation

Luxway has the right to claim compensation for impairment if the goods have fallen in value due to something that depends on the customer's handling of the goods.

If you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, the "cancellation form" must be filled out and sent to info@luxway.se. Click here to open the Undo form (the form is filled in digitally, printed and then signed). In cases where the customer is missing e-mail, the form must be sent by post, see point 3. Contact information


9 Reasons for release

9.1 The following circumstances are considered as grounds for exemption

if they impede the implementation of the Agreement and the Party is not obliged to take measures to avoid or overcome the consequences thereof.

Grounds for exception defined as strike, revolt or revolt, export or import restrictions, lack of means of transport, labor dispute, restrictions on power, fire, failure or delay of supplies from subcontractors and other circumstances beyond the control of a Party; all provided that a party could not control such a circumstance and that the effect of the circumstance on the implementation of the agreement could be expected at the conclusion of the agreement.

10 personal data (GDPR)

10.1 General

We store the customer's personal data registered at the time of purchase, to look up customer receipts for warranty cases and to facilitate any future ordering of spare parts, in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Customer information is collected and stored by Luxway Nordic and is not transferred to any third party. Customer information is secured in our internal sales system. If the customer still wants us not to store his customer information, we contact Luxway Nordic and we remove all stored data from our system. The customer may also at any time request the correction of incorrect information.

10.2 Responsibility for personal data

Luxway Nordic AB is responsible for the processing of your personal data as a customer or visitor to our website and is responsible for such processing that takes place in accordance with applicable law.

10.3 When we process your information

Luxway Nordic collects and processes personal data when you enter into a purchase agreement with us. In order to enter into a purchase agreement with us, we are required to collect certain personal data from you as a customer in order to continue with the purchase.

10.4 What personal information

The personal data that we collect and process when we enter into a purchase agreement is:

  • Name and possibly organization number
  • address
  • Phone number and email address
  • Payment details
  • customer number
  • IP address and information about your use of the Luxway Nordic website

As well as previous purchases, service and warranty cases.

10.4 Your rights

Luxway Nordic AB is responsible for ensuring that your personal data is processed in accordance with applicable law. At your request or on your own initiative, Luxway Nordic AB will correct, de-identify, delete or supplement any information that proves to be incorrect, incomplete or misleading. You as a customer have the right to request access to your customer information. This means that you have the right to request a registration of the processing we perform regarding your personal data. You also have the right to receive a copy of the processed personal information. You have the right to receive a registered extract from which personal information about you, the purpose of the processing, and to which recipients the information has been or will be passed on is registered. You as a customer have the right to object to the processing of personal data carried out by means of a balance between interests. If you object to such treatment, we will continue the treatment only if there are legitimate reasons for the treatment that outweigh your interests. You have the right to submit complaints regarding the processing of your personal data to the Danish Data Protection Agency.

11 Other provisions


11.1 Right to include delivery

If the customer goes bankrupt, initiates a purchase, suspends his payments or is insolvent so that payment cannot be made, Luxway has the right to delay delivery until satisfactory security has been provided. Luxway may cancel the agreement, in whole or in part, if the customer does not provide such security.

11.2 Injuries

If Luxway is obliged to pay damages to the customer, the compensation must only refer to damages that Luxway could reasonably foresee at the time of delivery. Luxway is under no circumstances liable for loss of sales and production, loss of profits, or other indirect damage.

11.3 Settlement or Invalid Conditions

If some or all of the terms of these general terms and conditions of purchase are to be equalized or otherwise found to be invalid, the other terms of the terms of purchase and delivery remain unchanged.

11.4 Customer responsibility

The customer is responsible for the existence of space options. In cases where the goods / goods arrive in the building set, the customer is responsible for the logistics being possible indoors and that there are space-based options for installation and placement of the goods at the current location. The customer is responsible for checking that all parts are included in the delivery, if any part is missing, this must be reported to Luxway within a reasonable time.

11.5 incorrectly dispatched

If the goods are not shipped incorrectly, Luxway will bear all costs of changing the goods.

11.6 Deviations and variations

Variations in the wood material in terms of tone, vein, and minor cracks can occur because wood is a living material. We can not guarantee that the actual article has the exact shadow that the item perceives on your computer. These variations are not a cause for complaint. We reserve the right to ev. Typographical errors and incorrect printing on the website, name, price, manuals, and printed matter.

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