Bluetooth for sauna speakers
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Bluetooth for sauna speakers

Bluetooth transmitter to speaker
Easy installation
Pair with mobile phone
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Bluetooth for speakers for sauna and shower

With the help of this bluetooth box, you quickly get music and sound inside your sauna or in a wet room.

Used together with our custom speakers for saunas and wet areas. Easily connected to an included mains adapter.

You control music via your phone or Ipad.

Bluetooth receiver which is another device that we are trying to simplify the local sound system, ie cases where we want to easily connect two speakers.
This is a compact amplifier that is installed next to or directly on the ceiling speaker, so that the connection to the speakers is short and simple.
The last step is Bluetooth pairing with a smartphone, tablet or laptop and we can start streaming music to the speakers.
We have solved the reinforcement and the source of the music, all in and the same receiver.

Sometimes there are also those who want to connect to another music source, such as a stereo in a living room.
This is now possible because the amplifier has a speaker input for itself. In addition, it automatically switches to it if we do not send music via Bluetooth.

Technical specification:

Stereo amplifier 2 × 20 W. 2 × 4 or 8 Ω
Class D amplifier with high efficiency 85%
Fully passive cooling, Silent design
Automatic measurement and adjustment of the load impedance
Power output for 2 speakers via terminal block
Built-in Bluetooth receiver, for easy playback from a smartphone or tablet
Bluetooth support ver. 4.1 + EDR
LED power display
Indication of pairing with a Bluetooth transmitting device using an audio signal to the speakers
Bluetooth connection range approx. 10 m
Power input to connect another music source, e.g. another music source from an amplifier in the next room. Here we connect the speaker output ext. Amplifier
Current input and output made of terminal block
Output protection against short circuit, overload or overheating
Frequency range 20 - 20,000 Hz / - 3 dB
S / N ratio 74 dB
THD distortion 0.2% / 1 kHz, 7W
Power supply with switched adapter AC 110 - 240 V / 50 Hz / DC 15 V (included)
Standby mode saves electricity
Automatic switching to the output of the external amplifier. If no signal is sent via Bluetooth, JPM 2021 switches to 'listen' to the power (speaker) from ext. Amplifier
Compact design. We recommend that you install the amplifier on a wall, in a partition, thanks to the round shape, the amplifier can also be attached directly to the ceiling's speaker magnet. This is done by a large circular sticker that sits on the amplifier's body. No additional installation material is required.
We recommend that you combine with sound with 2 Me-82RP61 ceiling speakers.
Suitable for sound in sauna or bathroom, rooms and other rooms
Easy installation with screws included, DC 12 V adapter power supply included
Power consumption in standby mode (silent) 4.6 W
Little need for space
Dimensions Ø 95 × 30 mm
Weight 0.32 kg


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