Sauna door Lux with magnetic strip 7-19
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Sauna door BeneLux with magnetic strip 7x19 Gray glass and Aspkarm

Sauna door in glass 7x19

With Aspkarm

€871.00 (VAT incl.) €696.80 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

Luxury sauna door with elegant hinges and solid wood and stainless steel handles.

Magnetic strip that effectively closes the door.

Sauna door specification

Frame in aspen which is 42x92 mm. in cross-section. 2.5 cm shorter glass.

Dimensions of the glass: 620x1835mm

Length of handle: 400mm, 300mm c / c between holes in glass.

NOTE! All our sauna doors are in tempered safety glass, which is very positive as the door is almost unbreakable when the door is in place. But when mounted, the glass is very fragile, as it can easily go into a thousand pieces if the edge of the glass bumps into hard surfaces, such as the floor / wall / ceiling.

How to install a sauna door.

Precautionary principles of tempered safety glass.

Data sheet