Heat-treated ASP 15x125 Sauna panel in heat-treated aspen. 15x125mm Length: 1.8 m. 6 pcs. Length: 1.8 m. 6 pcs / p.
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Sauna panel in heat treated aspen. 15x125mm Length: 1.8 m. 6 pcs

Heat-treated sauna panel 1.8 meters
Wood type: Asp + V: B
Per section: 6 pcs

€105.50 VAT included

€84.40 VAT excluded


Fine planed sauna panel in heat treated aspen wood in 125 mm width.

With a wider sauna panel you get a little more personal design. Some also combine with a foundation wall in lighter wood type aspen or all wood to emphasize the design. A wider panel is usually built a little faster too. The sauna panel is twig-free and heat-treated wood is a slightly darker type of wood that also smells very good. Mounting a panel is done with clips that prevent any visible details from interfering.

Dimension 15x125 mm. Covering width 115mm. Access per m2 is 8.7 meters. Calculation example:
The length of the wall is 2.5 m and the ceiling height is 2.2 m. 2.5 x 8.7 = 21.75 boards 21.75 / 6 = 3.62 packages, Order 4 packages in the length 2.2 meters.

Don't forget the ceiling !!!

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