When the focus is on sustainability and the environment, infra-saunas are the only real sauna option, due to their extremely low energy consumption.


The housing association Bontorp in Mölnlycke, only 10 minutes from the center of Gothenburg, is a newly built project for 55+ residents in an urban oasis. With a focus on the environment, sustainability and activity. The project consists of 87 apartments with a large courtyard that is heated all year round, with a boules court, palm trees and fruit trees, perfect for both relaxation and community. In the building there is also a solid Spa facility with gym, pool, cold water pool, steam sauna and of course an Infra sauna from Luxway.

The infrared sauna is easily started with the push of a button, when you press the button it takes less than 5 minutes before the sauna is warm and comfortable to use. With such a system instead of leaving it on all day, you save a lot of energy consumption in the sauna.


"We chose an infrared sauna from Luxway, as it is completely in line with our focus on the environment and sustainability. The sauna is very energy efficient, which means that we save many kilowatt hours compared to a traditional sauna. Our residents appreciate the sauna very much for the health effects of an infrared sauna but also for relaxation and that it is really nice to sauna in." - Ulf Spennare, CEO Bo Aktivt i Sverige AB

Modern bostadsrättsförening med hållbarhetsfokus

Ny modern infrabastu, perfekt till bostadsrättsförening


The sauna is modern and stylish and built with energy efficiency and easy maintenance in mind. The sauna is built with panels and seat slats in aluminum. Al has more red tone in it and a little more life than in a more traditional Asp which is very neutral. This was chosen to give a warmer feeling in the sauna, as it could otherwise feel cold with the light gray tiled floor and the gray aluminum frames for the windows. With the warm feeling, the sauna becomes more inviting. The seat lichens are our Exclusive lichens, with easily removable seat surface to access and clean the entire floor and maintain the sauna when needed.

For heating systems, we use our own powerful and highly efficient Mica Wave panels and ceiling heaters for increased power and faster heating time. The control is specially built with push-button activation and a 30-minute timer.

The sauna is right next door to a Hamam, or steam sauna from Tylö that we also delivered to Bontorp. Our own electricians performed the installation of both the steam sauna and the infrared sauna.

-Says Oscar Samuelsson, sauna designer at Luxway, who designed the sauna.


The infrared sauna is designed in line with Bontop's focus areas on sustainability, environment and activity. All the wood used in the sauna is FSC-certified wood from sustainable forestry, where more trees are planted than are harvested. The infrared heating system consumes about a quarter of the energy of a traditional sauna of the same size, when activated by push button, the sauna consumes nothing when no one is actively using it. When focusing on sustainability and the environment, the only sauna option is a beneficial and energy-efficient infrared sauna!


Lyxig bastuinredning i Al med vacker utsikt

Photo: Bontorp / Tornstaden