Delayed sauna delivery

Why is my order late?

In recent months, the demand for transport has been very high. This is partly due to increased demand for medical technology products as well as consumables for healthcare and the fact that many companies want to secure their own production with increased orders for components.

This has led to the shipping companies being overbooked on their ships and lacking space for traffic. Most shipping companies also have priority transports to North America, which results in fewer ships going to Europe. Unfortunately, this has led to major delivery delays for our products.

We regret the situation that has arisen and work intensively to get our models back in stock. We hope for your understanding of the extraordinary situation we currently have. Follow the delivery arrival for each model on our website, we reserve for possible. delays as even staff shortages in European ports can further affect the normal pick-up time.

Time for delivery!

As soon as we have the sauna you have ordered in stock, we will contact you. We send email or call you to get an OK that we can start the delivery to your home.

Delivery takes place with DHL, which will send a text message, a proposal for a delivery time. In the text message, you follow DHL's instructions to confirm, or rebook the delivery time.


Luxway Nordic AB