Infrared sauna for occupational health care

Health work offers benefits.

A warm staff

Quiet sitting work causes pain in the neck shoulders and back. Stress often manifests itself as pain and muscle tension and it is difficult to relax mentally as long as the body aches.

Dangerous substances in our environment that the body does not immediately manage to get rid of accumulate in our bodies. When these toxins accumulate, blood circulation is blocked and the energy of the cells is inhibited. Toxins that accumulate in the body are often the cause of a variety of health problems.

With an infrared sauna you can offer the staff a unique opportunity for recovery and relaxation. Infrared heat is the same type of heat that comes from the sun, but without the dangerous UV radiation

Infrared heat penetrates deeper into the body than other heat, it heats the body to a depth of 4.5 cm. Heat is well known to relieve pain and promote relaxation. Infrared sauna increases blood circulation, which oxygenates the muscles and removes slag products.

By going into an infrared sauna ...

  • Give yourself time to stay in a comfortable warm infrared sauna. You get rested as your muscles relax the stress hormones decrease and calm and calm - the hormones increase. At the same time, you can listen to relaxation bands or favorite music.

  • You get a deep warming of muscles that gives you a feeling of full body massage. The heat increase gives an increased blood flow through dilated blood vessels, this generates positive effects on the muscles and joints but also on the cardiovascular condition.

  • Stimulate your body for detoxification and weight loss. You will sweat 2-3 times more than at a traditional sauna. The infrared heat has the ability to release toxins that accumulate in the cells. Studies show that infrared saunas are particularly effective in reducing chemicals in the body without increasing environmental toxins in the bloodstream. The toxins are removed together with the heavy sweat production and allows you to detox (Detox) in a way that you do not strain the kidneys or liver. Effective detoxification to get rid of environmental toxins and chemicals stored throughout a lifetime requires repeated saunas for several months.

  • Put the body in a fever-like state. Fever is the body's own defense to fight infections and other threats. Stimulating the body with heat is very positive for the immune system, it becomes more alert and the body is better able to withstand various infectious diseases that belong to autumn and winter.

  • - People with sedentary work can easily get pain relief and well-being in the body to better perform their work in an infrared sauna .

  • - To find a way out of stress you have to start by creating relaxation and pain relief in the muscles. Then there are prerequisites to find a way out of stress situations. With further relaxation and mapping of their life situation create tools to break a vicious circle and find harmony without stress.

  • Bathing infrared sauna regularly gives detoxification of the body

60 years ago, very few chemicals were produced. But the world's total chemical production has increased from seven million tonnes annually in 1950 to about 400 million tonnes in 2005. More than 30000 chemical substances are on the market in the EU. Of these, only 5,000 have been tested and assessed for their effects on health and the environment. Other subjects, there is no knowledge about. Helping your body get rid of toxins is a PURE investment in your health.

For every penny you invest in a wellness sauna and more wellness, you get multiple times again. The number of sick leave is decreasing, well-being gives increased efficiency in the work and if you feel good, you become happy and enjoy your work and the environment.