Infrasauna Karlslundsbadet in Landskrona

Smart IR sauna in Landskrona


When the relaxation section at Karlslundsbadet in Landskrona was to be renovated, the obvious choice was to install an infrared sauna, instead of the old steam sauna that almost no one used. Now infrared sauna is a natural part of the experience at Karlslundsbadet!


Karlslundsbadet wishes to always have modern and beneficial products that are in demand by its guests. Regardless of whether it is new filtration possibilities for water, water slides or saunas. The choice then naturally landed on building a new modern, healthy and energy-saving infrared sauna in the relaxation department. They also chose to include Himalayan salt stone in the sauna with lighting behind, for a relaxing feeling and healthy for respiration. The infrared sauna at Karlslundsbadet is very popular and has become an appreciated upgrade from the old steam sauna.


"Our well-being is affected by the quality of the air we breathe. The beautiful glow of the salt blocks combined with the heat creates a source of negative ions. Negative ions have a purifying effect on the air. For centuries, the beneficial effects of salt on human health have been well known. From all around the world, people travel to natural salt mines in Austria, Germany and the Himalayas to enjoy the positive effects of salt. Now you can do that too at Karlslundsbadet."
- Karlslundsbadet's Facebook page

Himalayan salt is a beautiful material in saunas

Converted steam sauna into a healthy infrared sauna b

When the customer wanted to keep the vaulted ceiling in what was originally a steam sauna, we built all new wood material on the outside of the walls but still tried to keep the style of the sauna in a nice way.

The sauna is built with bright, wide 125mm horizontal Asp panels and strong extra deep "Exclusive" seat bases in aspen for a substantial and solid impression. Excluding the shelves also has the advantage that you can easily lift the seat up and access under the shelves, for cleaning and the like.

The black heating surface of the infrared panels picks up the black tiles from the vaulted steam sauna ceiling and gives a stylish and uniform impression. The choice of Himalayan salt as a building material with lighting behind gives the sauna a very warm feeling, and also brings a number of health benefits. Says Oscar Samuelsson, sauna designer at Luxway, who designed the sauna.


The infrared sauna is designed with smart energy thinking to save energy and help the municipality achieve its energy efficiency and climate goals. Autumn/Winter 2022- So the city of Landskrona chose to switch off all its traditional electricity-guzzling sauna units in swimming pools and sports facilities, because the electricity situation in southern Sweden was very strained. This meant that the city of Landskrona could save 187,000 kW/h on an annual basis. Karlslundsbadet was not as affected by this, as their infrared sauna could still be running, as it consumes less than a quarter of what a traditional electric sauna consumes!

Spacious sauna in Karlslundsbadet's relaxation section

Photo: Karlslundsbadet