What is a Luxway infrared sauna

What is a Luxway sauna with infrared heat?

Luxway Infra Sauna is made of solid wood only, like cedar or hemlock. It is easy to assemble and place in any location indoors. Installation time about 1-3 hours depending on model. Requires no fixed electrical installations or any wet room. Easily plug into existing electrical outlet. Luxway infrared sauna is equipped with "carbon wave" or full spectrum "Vitaelight" heaters around the seats. An infrared sauna comes with a built-in music player so you can enjoy your favorite music while taking a sauna session.

How does a luxway sauna work?

You get a comfortable temperature in an infrared sauna.

Sauna bathing takes place at a comfortable temperature between 40-65 C (traditional sauna 80-100 C). An infrared sauna is a so-called low temperature sauna, it is comfortable to stay in and can advantageously be used by everyone even by people who do not find themselves comfortable in too high temperatures or because of health reasons (high blood pressure) can not stay in traditional sauna with its high temperature. An infrared sauna does not have a primary task of heating air but heats the objects, that is, the one bathing the sauna and surrounding materials. In other words, it is the exact opposite of a traditional sauna that heats air and then warms you up.

In a Luxway infrared sauna , the temperature should not exceed 65 C, a higher temperature gives no improved effect. The desired effect is reached at a temperature of 40-50 C already. Sauna is equipped with fresh air valve or exhaust fan, which makes the air easy to breathe. It is good to have the door open and yet the sauna can achieve an optimal effect. The sauna heaters are heated quickly in about 10 minutes and are very energy efficient (eg Energy consumption is 1.6 kw in one hour, cost of one hour will be SEK 1.60 at a price of SEK 1 / kw hour or SEK 0.8 for 30 minutes ).

An infrared sauna consumes less energy and gives more power.

In an infrared sauna , less than 20% of the energy is used to heat the air, while over 80% is converted to heat inside our body. An infrared sauna heats more in depth in the tissues than a traditional sauna, and most of the energy development goes directly to warm the body and not to heat the surrounding air, which in turn should warm the body superficially. These are the crucial differences that explain many of the benefits that become available, but which are not achieved when using traditional saunas.

For the past 25 years, Japanese and Chinese researchers and clinics have conducted extensive research on long-wave infrared treatments and reported a large number of benefits. Infrared heat is completely harmless and is a heat source used in hospitals to heat infants.