The Glow Elegance Red Light Mask

LED mask for red light treatment
7 different wavelengths
For face and neck.
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The Glow Elegance - Red Light Mask for Beauty Upgrade!

Discover the secret of The Glow Elegance LED red light treatment mask, your key to renewed and radiant skin that goes beyond the surface. Our advanced mask is designed to boost collagen and elastin production, giving the skin a firmer and lifting effect. By reducing fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging, it provides a youthful glow that stuns every viewer.

With two separate units for the face and décolleté, we present seven different light options, each with their own skin benefits. The red light acts as a collagen booster, strengthening the skin's elasticity. The green light opens up care, reducing fine lines and revitalizing tired skin. The blue light is your solution to reduce unevenness, inflammation, acne and unwanted pigment spots.

Customize your beauty routine to your liking - use all lights at once for a superior treatment or choose specific lights to focus on individual beauty goals.

The Glow Elegance LED mask uses scientifically proven wavelengths that actively stimulate your cells' mitochondria. This results in increased collagen production and accelerated cell renewal for long-lasting results that work deep within your skin. The Glow Elegance is your simple and effective path to radiant skin - a secret within reach.

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fight acne and age spots. Experience an unparalleled glow that will light up any room. Give yourself the gift of timeless beauty with The Glow Elegance LED mask. Your radiant skin journey starts here!

Red color : (630nm) Stimulates the production of collagen and shrinks pores.
Purple color : (630&460nm) Promotes skin tissue activation and increases blood circulation.
Green color: (520nm) Nourishes the skin and can accelerate healing and reduce fine lines
Cyan color: (460&520Nm) Promotes the synthesis of collagen & protein, improves the overall structure of the skin
Yellow color: (590nm) Increases blood circulation, improves oily skin and acne
White: (460-520-590-630nm) A combination of all wavelengths but smaller portion of wavelength per color
Blue color: (460nm) Can reduce acne and inflammation and has a calming effect on skin rashes



1 pc Face mask
1 pc Mask for neck & throat
4 pcs Eye protection, washable (2 pairs)
1 pc Control panel
1 pc Power adapter, rechargeable batteries, 2000 mAh

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