Infra-mattresses Bio Amethyst cushion Bio amethyst heating cushion dimensions: Width: 500 mmLength: 300 mmBio Amethyst
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Bio Amethyst pillow

Bio amethyst pillow measures:
Width: 500 mm
Length: 300 mm
Bio Amethyst, without heat
Delivery time: 3-5 working days (In stock)

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Bio Amethyst pillow

Support for neck and head for heat treatment of the body .

Place the Bio Ametist pillow comfortably under your head in connection with heat treatment of the rest of the body on a Luxway infra-mattress. The Bio Amethyst pillow consists of 1.2 kg of naturally shaped stones of the beautiful purple amethyst mineral. The pillow is sewn in channels filled with the amethyst stones. The Bio Amethyst pillow surface is made of a soft and comfortable synthetic leather. The pillow has a warm rust-red color, along one edge of the pillow the amethyst stones are visible in a transparent channel. The cushion's edges are equipped with durable synthetic tape. The amethyst pillow is slightly S-shaped to give the best support to the head and neck. The pillow has no electrical connection and is advantageously used in combination with any infra-mattress. With a nice and good support under your head and neck, your session on the infra-rugs becomes even more enjoyable. Depending on your body length, the pillow is conveniently placed at head height either on the heating mattress or outside the heating surface. The amethyst produces and reproduces the infrared heat passively partly from the infra-mattress used in combination with the pillow as well as from the body heat. The pillow can also be used directly in bed, sofa or on the floor without infra-mattress where you enjoy the gemstone Amethyst's own beneficial powers

The Bio Amethyst pillow comes in a practical bag which makes it easy to carry with you and to store in.
The pillow is cleaned with a dry to very slightly damp cloth.

Bio amethyst specifications.

Bio Amethyst Dimensions:

Width: 500 mm
Length: 300 mm

Delivery time: 5-8 days (In stock)

Total dimensions: 50x30x10 cm
Total weight: 2.35 kg
Stone size: 5-10 mm
Power: No electricity

The Bio Amethyst pillow has no electrical connection.

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