Infra mattresses Infra mattress half-body with Jade stone Dimensions of the heating mattress: Width: 480 mmLength: 790 mmJade
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Jade infrared mat half body

Jade stone infrared mat: measures
Width: 500 mm
Length: 800 mm
Heating technology: Jade stone
Delivery time: 3-5 working days (In stock)

€289.29 VAT included

€231.43 VAT excluded



Infra-mattress half-body with Jade stones.

Place the infrared mattress on a level surface such as bed or floor. Connect the heating mattress to the existing wall socket and set the desired degree number for the infrared heating.
The infrared mattress has 242 pieces of Jade stones with a soft rounded surface in the size of 25 mm in diameter. The color of the jade stones is highlighted in bright green tones.

Jade is a natural conductor of long-wave infrared light with the same wavelength as the human body. It contains vital elements for the human body such as calcium and magnesium. Jaden also produces negative ions which promote cell metabolism, which in turn increases one's vitality, strengthens the immune system and provides improved endurance. Jade has been used in East Asia for hundreds of years to treat kidney problems and back pain.

Materials in the heating mattress are bronze colored leather with structure.
The edges of the infrared mattress are equipped with durable synthetic tape.
Temperature adjustment of the center carbon of the infrared mattress takes place with control panel between 30-70 degrees.
The heating mattress comes in a practical bag which makes it easy to carry with you and to store.
The mattress is cleaned with a dry to very slightly damp cloth.

Heating mattress specification.

Dimensions of the heating mattress:

Width: 480 mm
Length: 790 mm

Delivery time: 5-8 days (In stock)

Total dimensions: 48x79 cm
Heating surface dimensions: 32x64 cm
Weight: 3.33 kg
Stone size: 25 mm in diameter
Power: 200-240V, 50 / 60Hz 100W

Automatic shutdown after 8 hours.
Connects to standard wall socket.
Cable length: 180 cm.

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