Infra-mattresses Infra-mattress Yellow-mud "with photons" Dimensions of the heating mattress: Width: 45 mmLength: 92 m
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Infrared-heating mat Yellow-mud

Heat mattress dimensions:
Width: 450 mm
Length: 920 mm
Heating Technology: Yellow Mud and Photon
Delivery time: 3-5 working days 


€395.50 VAT included

€316.40 VAT excluded



Heat mattress half-body with Yellow mud and photons

Place the infrared mattress on a level surface such as bed or floor. Connect a heating mattress to the existing wall outlet and set the desired degree of infrared heating.
The infrared mattress is sewn in a number of small channels which are filled with fine-grained ceramic clay granules called Yellow mud. The mattress textile is in a warm red color. The heating surface consists of a very fine synthetic mesh which makes visible the granulate and easily passes through the beneficial heat. There are 12 photons on the heating surface.
The edges of the heating mattress are equipped with durable synthetic tape, on the short sides of the mattress there are two handles in synthetic leather which makes the heating mattress easy to lift, move but also to put on the upper back and shoulders. This is the easiest moldable mattress and is very well suited to massagers and chiropractors for a heat treatment of its clients at the various sessions.

Control panel for setting heat 30-70 degrees
The heating mattress comes in a practical bag which makes it easy to carry and store in.

Heating mattress specification

Heat mattress dimensions:

Width: 450 mm
Length: 920 mm

Delivery time: 5-8 days (In stock)

Total dimensions: 45x92 cm
Heat surface dimensions: 31x58 cm
Weight: 5.15 kg
Stone size: small granules
Power: 220-240V, 50Hz 120W

Automatic shutdown after 8 hours.
Connects to standard wall socket.
Cable length: 180 cm.

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