Infrared sauna blanket
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Infrared sauna blanket

Infrared sauna blanket
Width:   900 mm
Length: 1900 mm
Delivery time: 3-6 days (In stock)

€326.50 VAT included

€261.20 VAT excluded

€376.50 - €50.00


Infrared sauna blanket for your health.

With Luxway infrared sauna blanket, you get a fast infrared heat treatment without it taking up much space. Easy to use just fold out the mattress and connect to a standard electrical outlet. The sauna heating blanket quickly rises in temperature and generates a long-wave infrared deep heat.

Wellness in a blanket?

* All the benefits of an Infrared Sauna wrapped in a compact and easy-to-use blanket.
* The 'Gentle Detox' Your Body Needs.
* Deeply relaxing, promotes a calming effect.
* Benefit from the 'Pain-Relieving' effects of infrared heat.
* Sleep better, wake restored.
* Natural healing for 'Fast Recovery' after working out.
* Save thousands on Sauna visits or home installations. Luxway blanket is a practical and cost-friendly Sauna Solution for the home or 'on the go'.

Hydrophobic material

The infrared felt is made of hydrophobic PU leather, which is easily wiped off after use.
Luxway's infrared blanket is made of a hydrophobic material so that sweat is not absorbed and starts to smell and to facilitate the cleaning of the product.
When cleaning, you can easily wipe the sauna with a damp cloth.


Product specification

Electrical connection Standard socket 230V / 50 Hz
Effect 600 watts
Recommended temperature 25-80 degrees adjustable. Max 80 degrees
Safety device Automatic temperature control, flameproof
Time setting 20 to 60 minutes
Size when used Width 80 cm Length: 190 cm
Size folded H: 21 x W: 43 x D: 50 cm
Power consumption Very low
EMF level No / Zero
Material Hydrophobic PU
Weight 8 kg
Far infrared wavelength 5-14um
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