Prosta-Heat Infrared heating pad
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Prosta-Heat Infrared heating pad

Infrared heating pad with photon & massage
Size 450x450 mm.
Heating Technology: Turmalinestone and Photon
Delivery time: 3-5 working days

€243.00 (VAT incl.) €194.40 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

Infrared heat treatment for prostate and pelvic floor

Infrared heat therapy can be an effective treatment for benign prostate enlargement and for a pelvic floor exercise for women that can ease the discomfort that can occur after a pregnancy or dysmenorrhea.

For men.
An heat treatment with infrared heat in combination with photons light with a wavelength of 660nm can alleviate problems with both the prostate and hemorrhoids. The convex egg-shaped middle part also has massages that can be set in different programs.
Heat treatment of the prostate has been shown in various studies to have a good effect.
Prostate enlargement is one of the 10 most common diagnoses in men over the age of 50 and it is estimated that every second man in his 60s and 8 in 10 men in their 80s have symptoms due to benign prostate enlargement. The medical term for benign prostatic hyperplasia is benign prostatic hyperplasia, which for obvious reasons is often abbreviated to the more pronounced BPH.

For women
After pregnancy or with increasing age and with hormonal changes, complications can occur where a deep infrared heat can facilitate. The heating pad has both long-wave and short-wave light for best penetration. Relieves dysmenorrhea. Studies have shown that long-wave infrared heat treatment has a good effect in reducing ailments and pain and reducing the use of painkillers.

Easy to use and fits any chair. You can choose different power modes for massage or the heating pad and also adjustable in 3 different power modes for prostate / pelvic floor heat.

450x450 mm.
Hexagon-shaped ceramic tourmaline stone.
Massage system, vibrating
Photon 18 pcs.
Control panel on the cushion.
Comes with transformer and electrical plug.

Sources of heat treatment of prostate


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