Prosta-Heat Infrared heating pad
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Prosta-Heat Infrared heating pad

Infrared heating pad with redlight & massage
Size 450x450 mm.
Heating Technology: Turmalinestone and Photon
Delivery time: 3-5 working days

€231.34 VAT included

€185.07 VAT excluded


Infrared Heat Therapy for Prostate and Pelvic Floor: An Effective Solution

Infrared heat therapy can be an effective method for treating benign prostate enlargement in men and aiding in the training of pelvic floor muscles in women, which can help alleviate discomfort that may occur after pregnancy or during dysmenorrhea.

For Men

Heat therapy using infrared heat in combination with photon light with a wavelength of 660 nm can alleviate issues related to the prostate and hemorrhoids. The convex egg-shaped central part also features massage functions that can be customized for different programs. Studies have shown that prostate heat therapy has a positive impact.

Benign prostate enlargement is one of the most common diagnoses in men over 50 years of age. Symptoms related to benign prostate enlargement are prevalent, and many men in the age groups of 60 and 80 years experience discomfort associated with this condition. With our infrared heat therapy, you can easily alleviate discomfort and issues.

For Women

After pregnancy, with increasing age and hormonal changes, complications can arise, which can be eased with deep infrared heat. Our heat mat offers both long-wave and short-wave light for maximum penetration. It has been proven effective in relieving dysmenorrhea and reducing cramps and pain. This can also help you reduce the use of painkillers.

Easy to use and suitable for any chair. You can choose from various power levels for massage or the heat mat and adjust them in 3 different heat settings for prostate/pelvic floor heat.


  • Easy to use on any chair.
  • Customizable massage and heat patterns to suit your needs.
  • Specifications:
  • Size: 450x450 mm
  • Hexagonal ceramic tourmaline stone
  • Vibrating massage system
  • Red light: 18 photons
  • User-friendly control panel on the mat
  • Comes with a transformer and plug

Whether you are a man or a woman, our infrared heat therapy can be the solution to alleviate discomfort and promote well-being. Discover the benefits for yourself and invest in your health and comfort.


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