Brilliant Cloud system for Infrared sauna, Up to 15kW power.
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Brilliant-Cloud control system for infrared saunas

For controlling infrared saunas
Up to 15 kW infrared heating effect
WiFi, cloud control
Glass control panel with touch panel
OLED Display
Delivery time: 1-2 weeks

€1,013.73 VAT included

€810.99 VAT excluded


Brilliant-Cloud Control System

For those who want to build a larger infrared sauna or for those who have higher requirements than our standard systems. Brilliant is a state-of-the-art and well-designed control system for infrared heating systems, which can handle an installed power of up to 15kW, suitable for infrared saunas up to 30 cubic meters of sauna volume !
You can easily control the sauna via an app that can be easily downloaded on Google play (Andriod) and App-store (iOS). You can schedule the sauna, control lighting, change settings and a number of other functions.
Our Brilliant system can also be connected to a Steam Generator and Aromatherapy for a sauna that has that little something extra!
The control box is IP-65 rated and can therefore be installed without problems inside the sauna under the bench if desired.
The system is delivered complete with: Control panel, Relay box, temperature sensor, door sensor!

If you need an infrared control system for more than 15kW contact us for more possibilities!

Technical specification:

Power: 3-phase 400V/50hz, or 1-phase 230V/50hz
Includes: Relay box, control panel and sensor, 5W
Maximum power Infrared heating: 15kW
Temperature setting infra: 30-60 Degrees, air temperature
Time setting: 1min - 20h
Delayed start: 1min - 24h
Overheating protection infra: 80 Degrees electronic, 140 Degrees Thermal fuse
Size Relay box: 248x198x116mm
Size Control panel: 166x114x33mm
Size Temp sensor cover: 60x40x25mm
IP class: Relay box IP65, Control panel IP40
WiFi protocol: 802.11 b/g/n, Frequency 2.4GHz
Material: Control panel tempered glass with illuminated buttons
Display: OLED technology
Color: Control panel White (can be special ordered in Black, contact us for this)

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