Create a large infrared sauna room
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Control system Excellent-Cloud for Combi sauna

Up to 15Kw, infrared
Up to 22Kw traditional
WiFi, cloud control
3.5 inch color touch screen
Delivery time: 1-2 weeks

€1,544.99 VAT included

€1,235.99 VAT excluded


Excellent-Cloud Control system for Combi sauna

For those who want to build a larger infrared sauna or for those who have higher requirements than our standard systems. Excellent is a state-of-the-art and well-designed control system for infrared saunas, which can handle an installed power of up to 15kW for infrared and 22kW for Traditional unit, suitable for combination saunas up to 30 cubic meters of sauna volume!
Innovative control panel with a very user-friendly color touch screen.
You can easily control the sauna via the app , which can be easily downloaded on Google play (Andriod) and App-store (iOS). You can schedule the sauna, control lighting, change settings and a number of other functions.

Our Excellent system can also be connected to Lighting, Fan, Steam Generator and Aromatherapy for a sauna that has that little bit extra!
The control box is IP-65 rated and can therefore be installed without problems inside the sauna under the bench if desired.
The system is delivered complete with: 3.5 inch touch-screen panel, Relay box, temperature sensor, door sensor!
If you need a combi system for more than 15kW Infra + 22kW traditional contact us for more possibilities!

Technical specification:

Current: 3-phase 400V/50hz
Contains: Relay box, control panel and sensor, 5W
Maximum power Infrared heating: 15kW
Maximum power Traditional: 22kW
Temperature setting infra: 30-60 Degrees, air temperature
Temperature setting Traditional: 30-110 Degrees, air temperature
Time setting: 1min - 20h
Delayed start: 1min - 24h
Infra overheating protection: 80 degrees electronic, 140 degrees Thermal fuse
Size Relay box: 348x228x166mm
Size Control panel: 120x71x16mm (outside mounted)
Size Temp sensor cover: 60x40x25mm
IP class: Relay box IP65, Control panel IP40
Wi-fi protocol: 802.11 b/g/n, Frequency 2.4GHz
Material: The control panel is made of anodised aluminium
Display: OLED technology
Colour: Brushed aluminum frame, black screen edge

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