Dimmer for infrared heater in sauna max 2000W
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Infrared Dimmer

Power: Max 2000W
Accessories for Vitaelight
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Dimmer for Infrared sauna system

It is not always necessary or desirable that all infrared reflectors/panels should be regulated with a power control.
In many cases, you only want to be able to dim one or a few reflectors, or ceiling heaters separately.
For this purpose, we offer our mechanical infrared dimmer, an elegant and inexpensive way to regulate the power of one or more infrared heaters in the sauna.


Outer dimensions: 86 x 86 mm,
Built-in dimensions: 55x67x35mm (NOTE! If you are going to build into a box, check the dimensions first)
C/C screw: 60mm
Voltage : 230 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
Power consumption: max. 2000W, 8.7A
Installation conditions : -30 to max. + 70 ° C, Humidity <95%

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