A basic set for infrared sauna
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IR basic kit

Build your own infra sauna

€472.82 VAT included

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IR basic kit

Now it has never been easier to build a new one or upgrade your existing sauna to an infrared sauna . Does not fit IR Panel Kit 1, it includes more panels than you need, then use this basic kit, and choose exactly how many and which infrared panels or vitaelight you need.

If you want the best of both worlds, it is also possible to install this panel set in an existing traditional sauna, however, the control panel must then be placed on the outside of the sauna.

The panel kit includes:

  • 1st Control box (max 3600W)
  • 1st Control panel with frame in Hemlock
  • 1st Temperature sensor
  • 1st Temperature sensor washer
  • As well as all cables and screws needed for installation

This basic kit can also be easily supplemented with Infrared panels, Mp3 Players with Bluetooth function and speakers, Color Therapy lamp and lighting.

Easily connected with a grounded socket (230V) from the control box.

Product specification

Control box:
Maximum power per input: 800W
Maximum power total: 3500W
Dimensions: 240 mm x 200 mm x 60 mm
Power cord: 2.5 meters grounded

Control panel:
Digital control
Outer dimensions: 180 mm x 150 mm
Installation dimensions: 145 mm x 120 mm x 22 mm
Signal cable to control box: 1.7 m
Frame material: Hemlock wood

Data sheet
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