Patio heater control unit 6500W
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Tansun 6.5 KW Control Unit

Tansun | Control unit 6.5Kw
For controlling multiple infrared heaters.

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€340.40 VAT excluded

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Professional control unit with dimmer function for connecting several infrared heaters for central control. Ideal for outdoor dining that requires multiple heaters. The control unit is controlled with a remote control with dimmer function which is sold separately. Can also be used for indoor use for, for example, industrial or large premises for more economical heating, since the control unit has an automatic temperature control.

Technical information control unit:

Heater: You can connect heaters from several different makes
Max power: 6.5Kw

Tansum Control Unit Size & Dimensions:

Dimensions LxHxW: 195 x 200 x 75mm

Data sheet