Veito Floor Stand Aluminum
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Veito Floor Stand Aluminum

Veito Floor Stand for Terrace Heater
For balconies or outdoor dining.

€89.00 VAT included

€71.20 VAT excluded


Veito floor stand for Infrared heaters

An aluminum floor stand, suitable for infrared heaters from both Veito and HeatWay. With this floor stand, the infrared heater becomes mobile and can be adapted where you currently need the heat most. The stand can be easily adjusted from 1 to 1.8 meters and has a cable clamp so that the electric cable is stuck in the stand.

The infrared heater in the picture is not included.

Make installation mobile and customizable

For flat surfaces such as balconies and patios that have no roof overhangs or posts where you can attach the infrared heater. With this stand you solve many problems with the installation. Instead of long distances and poor placement of the infrared heater, you can plan for the best heat reproduction on outdoor seating or your patio in the home.


Luxway Floor Stand Technical Information:

Color: Black / Aluminum
Heater: Fits all heaters from Tansun, Veito and HeatWay and also other makes.
Material: Aluminum

Luxway Floor Stand Size & Dimensions:

Weight: 5 kg
Height: From 1 meter to 1.8m
Made of aluminum with heat-resistant plastic parts.

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