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Terrace heater Veito Blade S Mini Silver 1200W

Infrared heater | Terrace heating Veito 1200W
For balconies or outdoor dining.
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Professional patio heater silver 1200 watts

Blade Silver Edition , Used today all over the world at restaurants, cafes, bars and even private individuals who want that little extra.
The heating unit has a large cover area of 15 square meters . Adjustable in 4 different power modes for best adaptation to prevailing weather and cold.
Each heater comes with a wireless remote control that can control several heaters at, for example, a restaurant.
The waiter thus does not need to change the remote control for each table. The unit also automatically holds the position according to the selected temperature.
An overheating protection guarantees safety inside the unit and all Blade patio heaters are IP 55 which means it can withstand outside rain and debris.
With this heater you avoid unnecessary costs for electrical installation and heating control, just plug in the socket.

The infrared technology is based on Carbon short-wave infrared heat. With Blade heaters, you do not have to dazzle like a sunshine, since the heater has a so-called "low glare" = low glare. This is very important for cafes, restaurants, pubs or for the part of individuals that it should be nice to stay in their infrared outdoor environment.

It is completely safe to use in rain and continues to function even when exposed to intense water jets. The heater is equipped with a stainless steel grid without glass, which means it has 20% better heat output and also increases the lamp's service life.

The location is very flexible as the heater comes with a 2 meter long power cable and mounting brackets for mounting on walls, ceilings, umbrellas or under awnings. The heater has stepless angles and can be angled even when switched on. It does not need to be controlled with an external dimmer or accessory as all this is included in the unit.

It comes with good placement and sizing guides for guidance of mounting heights, areas of operation and guidance for power requirements.

Patio heater technical information:

Electrical connection: 220-240V. Earthed socket.
Control: Remote control and keypad on the heater.
(1 remote control can control several heaters)

Power: Adjustable in 4 different power modes 600-800-1000 or 1200 W
Color: Silver
IP Class: IP55. Certified via TÜV Reihnland and CE

Patio heater size & dimensions:

700 x 90 x 130 mm

Holds Tipp protection.
Mounting brackets included. can be mounted vertically and vertically.

My distance from the floor 1.8 m
My distance from roof 0.5 m
My distance from the sidewall 0.5 m
Dimensions: 700x90x130 mm (LxHxD).

No accessories are necessary.

Easy installation!

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