IR Regulator 1300

IR Regulator 1300

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A newly developed controller for controlling the IR full spectrum heater.
With the possibility to control 3 different groups with max 3 x 1300 watts in different strengths with selectable operating position between 50 to 100% and between 5 to 180 minutes sauna session. You can thus choose whether you want a lower or higher power at a specific surface. The installation dimension is only 20 mm in depth, the buttons are touch control.
This controller is suitable for those who only have full spectrum aggregates.

Max power: 3,650 W, 230V AC, 50/60 Hz
Max. connection 1300 W for each output, max. 3650 W together.
Outgoing connection GST 18 i
Time setting 5/15/30/60/120/180 min.
Adjustable power: 50/60/70/80/90/100%
Overheating protection sensor: 130 ° C
LED: Display

Front panel dimensions: 88 x 88 mm
Front panel exterior: 112 x 112 mm,
Depth: 20 mm
Automatic shutdown in case of error message or overheating.
Size power box: 255 x 160 x 50 mm

Made in Germany

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