Vitae full spectrum Redglass 750W

Vitae full spectrum Redglass 750W

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IR unit 750W.
For wall or ceiling installation.
Can also be mounted with a so-called Multi module, which is an aluminum cassette with angles, which allows you to place the heater directly against the existing sauna corner or against the wall to avoid holes in the existing sauna wall.

Full spectrum Vitae.
750W- 230V, 50-60 Hz- 3.3A
2.5 meter cable 3x1.5 mm.
With S18 contact.
Heat resistant edge band.

Recommended distance:
Back or Side
500 Watts> Best distance 10 x 60 cm
Corner or ceiling.
750 watts> Best distance 60 x 100 cm
Ceiling mounting.
1300 watts> Best distance 100 x 160 cm

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