Narvi wood-fired Sauna stove Narvi NC 16 Stainless For sauna sizeBastoon size 8-16 m3Furnished unitBuild woodfurned with
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Sauna stove Narvi NC 16 Stainless

Woodburning stove .
For sauna size
Volume 8-16 m3.

€1,178.50 VAT included

€942.80 VAT excluded


For sauna size Narvi NC 8-16 m3

The Narvi NC unit has emphasized simple, timeless design, which makes the stove easy to place in both traditional and modern saunas. The outer casing is in brushed stainless steel, cast-iron combustion chamber.

The stove's combustion chamber represents a new design, which makes combustion more efficient and cleaner. The new oven has been designed on the basis of environmental friendliness and the fact that the stove also meets the mandatory CE requirements.

The stove holds a large number of stones and the strong construction ensures a soft heat. Glass door makes it easy to keep a steady fire while creating a cozy atmosphere. The door and the ash box have wooden handles and are comfortable to use.

The stove has adjustable legs, making the stove easy to install. It comes with a connection pipe which allows the fireplace to be connected to the chimney from the back of the oven. If you want to connect the oven from the top to an existing brick, you need a separate connection pipe.

NOTE! When you have a wood-fired oven you must have a floor protection plate. Available under accessories above. This does not apply to you who have cast concrete slab or equivalent. If you have underfloor heating in the sauna, floor protection plate is required.

Sauna oven specification:

Width: 50 cm
Depth: 58 cm
Height: 78 cm
Color options: brushed stainless steel
Rec. m3 (Insulated space): 8-16 m3
Exterior dimensions WxDxH, mm: 500x580x780
Weight without stone, kg: 72
Stone magazine, kg: 50
Diameter of smoke pipe, mm: 119
The sauna is not included.

Connection duct outer diameter 119 mm.

The lower edge of the connection duct from the floor is 58 cm.

  • The glass in the door is 18x16 cm
  • The hole for wood burning is 20x18 cm.
  • The depth for wood burning is 38 cm
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