Chimneys and smoke pipes for sauna stoves Kota Chimney, complete foundation 2.5 m
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Kota Chimney, complete foundation 2.5 m

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Fireproof Kota Steel chimney

Kota smoke in steel is a safe quality choice for stoves and fireplaces. In the development of the flue, extra focus has been placed on fire safety and the insulation of the flue during roof penetration. The flue's modular structure makes it possible to take into account building-specific conditions when installing the flue.

The outer casing of the flue is of galvanized steel, treated with black heat-resistant varnish and its diameter is 255 mm. The flue is insulated with non-flammable rock wool and its inner tube of 125 mm diameter is stainless steel. The flue also comes with an integrated and mounted damper. The safe KOTA chimney in steel is CE marked in accordance with the requirements for fire safety class T600.

Additional insulation of the roof penetration and the roofing of the penetration guarantee a good degree of insulation. This avoids overheating the insulation material of the ceiling.
The flue can be easily installed thanks to the accompanying installation instructions.

The main part of the flue is 1500 mm long and it is equipped with all the parts needed for installation:
-1200 mm insulated damper and 300 mm smoke passage (pipe inner diameter 125 mm)
-1000 mm non-insulated stainless steel pipe (inner diameter 125 mm)
cover plate in sheet metal for the ceiling
-sealing plate and tape for sealing vapor barrier
-200 mm insulation for penetration
- the cover of the insert in sheet metal, height 400 mm
-The smoke ring bearing with a hole-fitted band
-sealing rubber to the roof

Smoke extensions 300, 600 mm and 1000 mm are available under accessories above.

Supplement with the extensions to obtain the required length of smoke.

The package includes a rubber socket, we also have an overlay in sheet metal.

Kota chimney is suitable for all our wood burning stoves.

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