Chimney accessories for sauna stoves Overlay with rain collar. For roof pitch 37-45 degrees
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Overcoat with rain collar. For roof pitch 37-45 degrees

Overhead fittings for the chimney chimney 37 to 45 degrees

€1,689.50 VAT included

€1,351.60 VAT excluded


The over bracket fits to Kota chimney for wood-fired sauna heaters.

Fits roof pitch 37-45 degrees

To be used for roof penetration of the chimney to secure the seal.

When you have roof tiles as a surface layer, you fold in the over bracket under the overlying roof tiles and over the tiles below the chimney pipe.

In the case of surface layers of roofing sheets, it is usually simplest and most convenient to place the overlay on the existing roofing roof and supplement it with a sheet metal strip from the cam which is screwed into the overlay.

The rain collar is black.

The rain collar is applied and clamped against the chimney pipe with a layer of silicone under the collar.

The rain collar is now black, so the picture is not correct

Dimensions. Width: 72 cm. Height: 99 cm.

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