Bastulave Premium Corner. VB Radiata pain

Bastulave Premium Corner. VB Radiata pain

Finished sauna heater

504x504 mm

€434.00 VAT included

€347.20 VAT excluded


Order item, Delivery time approx 3-4 weeks

Corner module in heat treated radiative pine

The lava is 504 mm deep. 714   mm wide. 135 mm high.

Pre-built lava part adapted for corner mounting and used with the straight lava parts. The construction is very stable and screwed together with a straight length of suitable dimensions. Although the module at the rear edge can be screwed into the wall, it must be mounted in the front edge with support legs against the floor. The result will be outstanding and the new interior will give you pleasure for many years.

NOTE! Do not forget to oil the lavas with Supi basulav protection.

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