Bastulave Premium. VB Radiata Pine

Bastulave Premium. VB Radiata Pine

Finished bastulav radiata pine

654x1800 mm

€551.00 VAT included

€440.80 VAT excluded


Order item, Delivery time approx 3-4 weeks

Pre-built sauna floor 654 x 1800 mm.

Pre-built sauna heater in heat-treated Radiata Pine which allows you to build a sauna equipment in a relatively simple way few carpenters can perform. The front edge is made of rough fine wood. The base of the lava is made of sturdy timber, which means that you can have it free up to 2.1 meters under normal load. Radiata pine is a fast growing pine, where the clear annual rings are incredibly beautiful. The wood is excellent for the lichen because of its low density.

The lava is built in such a way that it is easy to shorten it to the exact dimensions required in your sauna . The depth of the lichen is 654 mm and can be supplemented with another similar to the lower lichen, or with the one having the depth dimension 504 mm. The lichen can also be supplemented with a suitable corner module.

NOTE! Do not forget to oil the lavas with Supi sauna cover.

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