Tylö Sense Combi Elit 8
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Tylö Sense Combi Elite 8

Tylö Combi Elite sauna heater
With extra steam module Soft Sauna
The product has been discontinued. Replaced with TY-61001492

€2,192.50 VAT included

€1,754.00 VAT excluded


Sauna heater Tylö Sense Combi Elite 8

The product has been discontinued. Replaced with TY-61001492

Tylö Soft Sauna with extra module for steam "build your own" Tylarium "

Set temperature and humidity for your own experience. Soft Sauna tav at where traditional sauna ends. You may prefer a hot, dry sauna while others in the family want a milder warmth with soft steam and aromatic scents. If you are looking for a sauna heater that can give the same feeling as a professional Spa , you have found the right one. With Soft Sauna you can have a humidity between 30-65% perfect for family and friends.

Sense Combi is Tylö's most versatile sauna heater.

If you want a perfect sauna heater for the whole family's wishes without losing the opportunity for an individually adapted "Soft Sauna" experience with the fantastic possibilities with network-connected sauna heater you can control via your mobile phone, this is exactly one of the Sense Combi models you should acquire. On top of that, you have a worry-free sauna system in the future.

Sense Elite with WiFi included

Sense Elite is the latest addition to Tylö's "Sense" family of smart with a number of smart and patented functions on a sauna heater and is the perfect choice for energy-efficient sauna baths.
Elite control panel with wireless network connection is included for maximum benefit and comfort. Download the WellAccess appen app from the App Store or Google Play or use a computer program to control the sauna heater.

With WiFi you can control the sauna remotely.

With the Elite control panel, you have full control over all the sauna's functions via the Tylö app you can download to your mobile phone. (Wellaccess) is available in the same WiFi area as where the unit is located and is available for both Android and iOS. In other words, you can stand in the kitchen and cook while you have full control over all the sauna's functions such as humidity, aroma, heat temperature and lighting. The app gives you a fully automated and scheduled use for maximum freedom and flexibility. There is also a smart function called "shared power", which provides a reduced energy consumption up to 30% when the desired temperature is reached.

Tylö sauna heater Sense Combi Elit is "Made in Sweden"

As early as 1919 , ie over 100 years ago, Tylö manufactured its sauna heaters from scratch in Halmstad, which of course ensures that you get a perfectly designed sauna heater with a long service life. All parts from heat resistance to electronics are a carefully monitored process that ensures the function. Tylö's unique heating system with deep centrally located stone magazines leads the air circulation through the unit and provides a high humidity hence an efficient heat at a lower cost.

A sauna heater that is manufactured uniquely for you in Halmstad.

When you order a Tylö sauna heater, you should know that the heater is built uniquely for each customer . Throughout the manufacturing process, the sauna heaters are carefully tested for quality and ensure that you get a product of the highest quality. Due to the in-house production and meticulous controls, you can always be sure that you get a safe purchase and that you have a unit that your children can also inherit.

Sense with unique touch protection ThermoSafe.

All sauna heaters in this model series have a unique touch protection, which means that unintentional burns can be avoided by direct contact with the heater housing.


Sauna heater specification:

Colors Control panel Relay box Installation
Black Elite (included) Not needed Floor standing or wall mounted

Technical specifications


Power (kW)

Sauna size (m3)

Dimensions (WxHxD)

Stone (kg)

Species. no

Sense Combi Elite 6 6.6 4-8 435x625x375 20 61001036
Sense Combi Elite 8 8.0 6-12 435x625x375 20 61001038
Sense Combi Elite 10 10.5 10-18 435x625x375 20 61001084

Safety distance

Type Side wall (mm) Roof (mm)
Sense Combi Elite 6 110 1900
Sense Combi Elite 8 110 1900
Sense Combi Elite 10 110 1900
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