Aito Wood-fired Sauna Aito AK-57 with ceramic stones
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Sauna stove Aito AK-57 with ceramic stones

Wood-fired sauna heater AITO AK-57
For sauna size 11-20 m3

€4,536.50 VAT included

€3,629.20 VAT excluded


For saunas 11-20 m3

Aito AK-57 for true sauna lovers who like to enjoy hot baths

The Aito sauna heater AK-57 is a traditional accumulating sauna oven that makes sauna bathing a real pleasure. The stones are heated until they are red hot, after which the damper is closed. The mass of the sauna oven and the large amount of stone guarantees long, soft and oxygen-rich sauna baths for many hours. A wood-fired sauna heater like Aito is ready for a sauna already after 1-1.5 hours.

Wood-fired sauna heater that is ready for installation

The sauna stove comes in ready-to-install parts that can be installed without plaster in the place reserved for the sauna stove. The delivery contains all the necessary parts including the base stones. The sauna's mantle is made of stylish black enamelled steel plate that is easy to keep clean. The jacket is insulated and the insulation is protected with stainless steel sheet. The fireplace consists of elements cast from refractory mass.

The stone magazine has been lined with refractory bricks. The oven's door, rust and inner door are made of cast iron. The sauna stones are included in the delivery. The sauna oven is also equipped with sheath containers (VS). The sauna oven comes with very durable ceramic sauna stones that significantly shortens the heating time. The round shape of the ceramic stones also improves the draw. The heat resistance of the stones is first class, which extends their service life.

NOTE! This oven must stand on a concrete surface.

A good wood-fired sauna heater with maximum heat and with minimal maintenance it is Aito simply.

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