HUUM Sauna heater HIVE 12 kW

HUUM Sauna heater HIVE 12 kW

Electric heaters HUUM

Sauna size 12-25 m3

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For sauna size
Sauna size 12-25 m3.

HUUM Sauna heater HIVE 12 kW

Huum Hive 12
Hive sauna heaters are ideal for larger saunas.
The large amount of stone guarantees a long, high quality sauna bath and ensures a perfect sauna experience regardless of the number of sauna bathers.

The sauna unit's clean Scandinavian design is a real gem in every sauna .

Stone is not included (the pictures are round stones)

Huum sauna heater specification

Hive 12
Power (kW) 12
Sauna volume min. (m³) 12
Sauna volume max. (m³) 25
Stone quantity (kg) 200 KG
Height (mm) 800 mm
Depth (mm) 555 mm
Weight (kg)

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