HUUM Sauna heater HIVE 9 kW

HUUM Sauna heater HIVE 9 kW

Electric heaters HUUM

Sauna size 9-15 m3

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For sauna size
Sauna size 9-15 m3.

HUUM Sauna heater HIVE 9 kW

Hive sauna heaters are ideal for larger saunas.
The large amount of stone guarantees a long, high quality sauna bath and ensures a perfect sauna experience regardless of the number of sauna bathers.
The sauna unit's clean Scandinavian design is a real gem in every sauna

Stone is not included (the pictures are round stones)

There is an optional controller that can be controlled via the app in the smartphone. UKU, available under accessories.

There is also an air tunnel, to protect the heating loops and to reduce the heating time, are available under accessories. As this is placed in the aggregate, the amount of stone becomes 210 kg instead of 250 kg.

Huum sauna heater specification

Hive 9
Power (kW) 9
Sauna volume min. (m³) 9
Sauna volume max. (m³) 15
Stone amount (kg) 150 KG
Height (mm) 800 mm
Diameter (mm) 450 mm
Weight (kg) 20 kg

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