Sauna unit Narvi Kota Saana Sauna unit stainless steel 9 kw For sauna size 9 - 14 m3
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Kota Saana sauna heater stainless steel 9 kw

Electric sauna heater Kota Sauna
For saunas 9 - 14 m3

€975.50 VAT included

€780.40 VAT excluded


For sauna sizes 9 - 14 m3

A sauna heater with a large amount of stone.

Kota Saana sauna heaters combine beautiful steam with a stylish design. Thanks to the large amount of sauna stones and a well thought-out design, the sauna oven accumulates well with heat and provides long and soft sauna baths. The net construction around the stones highlights a sauna in an effective way. Together with an electronic thermostat, it helps to keep the temperature comfortable at an even and desired level. The unit is available in both black and stainless steel outer casing.

The sauna heater comes with a separate control panel which makes it easy to use the heater. With the control panel it is easy to switch on a sauna and adjust the temperature to the desired level.

Heating elements for NARVI Oy's sauna heaters have an unusually large diameter (8.5 mm). It extends the life of the unit and significantly reduces the risk of overheating.

Sauna unit specification:

Height 92 cm
Width 32 cm
Depth 29 cm
Power kW: 9
Rec. m3 (Insulated space): 8 - 14 m3
Sauna height min. Mm: 190 cm
Stone magazine, kg: 80
Exterior dimensions WxDxH, mm: 320x290x920
400 V 3 N ~ cables mm2: 5x1.5
Fuse A: 3x10
The sauna is not included.

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