Sawo Tower heater corner 4.5 kW TH3 45NB,, built-in control

Sawo Tower heater corner 4.5 kW TH3 45NB,, built-in control

Electric heater
For saunas 3-6 m3

€1,239.50 VAT included

€991.60 VAT excluded


For sauna size 3-6 m3

Sauna unit Tower 4.5kW

The corner unit has a good design that suits you with limited space. Provides soft and moist steam for extremely comfortable sauna times.

The robust unit has stone storage from 70 kg up to 360 kg. The large stone surface makes it easy to throw water which results in nice moist steam in the sauna.

It is easy to control the intensity of the steam from the unit. By throwing water in the lower parts of the unit you get milder steam and by throwing water in the upper parts you get warmer steam.

Tower Corner model can be installed as standalone or integrated in the sauna floor. Optional, there are soapstone or steel collars if you choose integration.

The stones are heated by the powerful heating elements that extend from the bottom plate all the way to the top.

On this unit the knobs are located at the bottom of the unit. One knob is for temperature and the other for timer.

Sauna unit Specification:

Width: 30 cm
Depth: 30 cm
Height: 1380 cm
Stone magazine: 70 kg

Power kW: 4.5
Rec. m3 (Insulated space): 3-6 m3
400 V / 50Hz,
Fuse: 3x10
The sauna is not included.
Internal control panel

Data sheet