Color therapy for sauna 5m2
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Color therapy for sauna 5m2

Sauna accessories
Color therapy
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Color therapy Colored SMD Light

For both infrared & traditional sauna .

Color therapy or Chromo Therapy has become very popular in the sauna.
That you are affected by different colors has been common knowledge for a long time. Heat and light consist of energy with different frequencies, this energy has different effects, for example, blue has a calming effect, whereas red has a positive effect and increases, for example, creativity compared to a yellow color stimulating the senses and making thoughts clearer.
This color therapy device is based on fast LED technology with 180 LED lights.
Suitable for infrared saunas as well as ordinary saunas.
Temperature resistance up to 120 degrees.

Automatic color programs.
Completely flicker-free.
Easy to mount in the ceiling with 2 screws.
Also suitable in traditional saunas as it has a temperature resistance to 120 degrees.
Comes with remote control.
With the remote control you can regulate light intensity and select colors or for installed software.
310 x 240 x 35 mm.
220V, with mains adapter 12V.
Output power 37.8W LED.
180 LED lamps cover sauna area up to 5 m2.
Lifespan 20,000 hours.

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