The art of having a cozy sauna with candles
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Colored LED spotlights 6 pack

LED Spotlights
6 pieces per package
Remote control included

€405.50 VAT included

€324.40 VAT excluded


Enrich your sauna with stylish spotlights!

The Spotlight comes in a pack of 6 pieces with included remote control transformer and receiver.
Also fits perfectly with our infrared panel kit where there is a 12 volt output.
Can also be used in traditional saunas in high temperatures up to 120 degrees.

Many color settings

You can control the spotlight in different colors or in different strengths and color programs. Can also be set for a warm white light.
You control the program functions with the included remote control.

Technical specification:

LED source: 4 LED5050 0.2W per spotlight.
Total power: 3W
Material: Stainless steel
Light angle: 120 degrees
Temperature sensitivity: -25 - +110 degrees
Size (per spot): 60x60mm
IP class: IP65

Mounting hole diameter: 33mm

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