Bastulav already 28x90mm, 2.1 meters.
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Bastulav al 28x90mm Length: 2.1 m

Sauna basin in al 28x90 mm with length: 2.1 meters.

€36.50 VAT included

€29.20 VAT excluded

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Sauna bar in al that gives your sauna a luxurious impression.

Sauna by al is a good choice.

The quality of the feeling of building a real sauna is wonderful and inviting. Al wood is a soft and lean wood type with good properties for building a basulav of and you get a good finish with AL wood. This is the core wood we take and manufacture and you can hardly see the annual rings in the tree's structure. It is a bit more expensive than, for example, aspen wood but has a better and longer durability.

How should you build a sauna shed?

The most common thing is that you build the bases on the length, but there are advantages to thinking about building on the cross. The shorter the lengths, the longer the service life is usually said. If you have a sauna in your business that is on most of the day and if it is used extensively, then sauna heaters are preferable as longer lava timber can bend over time due to heat and moisture but for a private sauna it does not matter .

Measure your sauna load and order the correct length

When planning to build a basulav, you should work out as full lengths as possible to avoid unnecessary spillage. The better you calculate the less unnecessary money.


Sauna basin in al 28x90 mm with length: 2.1 meters.

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