Heat treated ASP 15x90 Sauna panel in heat treated aspen. 15x90mm Length: 1.8 m. 6 pcs. Length: 1.8 m. 6 pcs.
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Sauna panel in heat treated aspen. 15x90mm Length: 1.8 m. 6 pcs

Heat-treated sauna panel 1.8 meters
Wood type: Asp + V: B
Per section: 6 pcs

€86.00 VAT included

€68.80 VAT excluded


Heat-treated sauna panels are a little extra neat.

Dimension 15x90 mm. Cover area per m2 is 12.5 meters.

With a heat treatment of a sauna panel, the panel becomes extra hard and increases its service life.
The panel also becomes very soft and soft in its surface. The heat treatment also darkens the wood and is well suited to both wall panels or to basulav. Many people combine this material with aspen or al for example to get dark / light wood in combination.
Heat treatment means that the insulation capacity increases by about 25-30 per cent compared to untreated wood. This means that our heat-treating wood is ideally suited for saunas or as a wall panel for its beautiful and dark shade and that sweat stains that may occur during saunas or backrests are minimized.

Sauna panel specification:

Dimension 15x90 mm. Access per m2 is 12.5 meters. Calculation example:
The length of the wall is 2.5 m and the ceiling height is 2.2 m. 2.5 x 12.5 = 31.25 boards 31.25 / 6 = 5.21 packages Order 6 packages in the length 2.2 meters.

Don't forget to count on the panel surface on the roof !!!

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