Vulcano combi sauna for 6 people
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Vulcano combi sauna for 6 people - Energy efficient sauna - A++ - Infrared full spectrum A.B.C deep heat

Vulcano combination sauna
Size: 1800x1800x2000 mm
Heating system: IR-Vitalight,
Including Harvia sauna heater.
Delivery time: 4-6 days (in stock)


€5,761.00 VAT included

€4,608.80 VAT excluded

€6,761.00 - €1,000.00


"Vulcano" Combination sauna for 6 people

Create your own relaxation area at home
In a combi sauna, relaxation for body and soul is in focus. With comfortable heating, the health benefits for the body are many at a sauna bath. But the sauna also offers the perfect place to recover from stress and difficulty sleeping.

In a combination model, you choose the type of sauna you want at the moment.

IR bastu
With infrared heating, enjoyment is in focus. This profound warming of the body is followed by a wonderful well-being. An infrared sauna bath creates a heavy sweat while you stay in a comfortable air temperature. This allows you to easily bathe for as long as you want. It is the infrared heat waves that do not heat the air. The heating time is short and the operating cost is low. This is an environmentally efficient alternative where you can bathe as often as you want.

Traditional sauna
Here the heat and humidity are in focus. In the traditional sauna, you are warmed by the hot air. By varying the humidity of the air in the sauna room, you can influence the intensity of the heat. You can also create a hot and dry sauna with very high temperature and almost no moisture in the air or one with lower temperature and with more moisture in the air. The variations are great and offer the body various enjoyable warmth experiences. Let the traditional sauna bath be a moment of pleasant company with the family.

Heating systems

IR sauna
IR -Vitalight, the heating system offers a full spectrum of the infrared heat waves comprehensive
ABC waves. They are the heat waves that warm you like a bastard. Within 1-2 minutes, the IR-Vitalight heater has an effective infrared heat wave for the body. Let the air inside the sauna react with the infrared heat for a few minutes, after which you can start your sauna bath. You should not wait for the temperature to reach the set degree, as soon as you find the air inside the sauna comfortable to stay in, you can start bathing.
IR -Vitalight is set via remote control, on which you also adjust music and lighting.
The warmers have an ergonomic backrest in front of the warmers for their best comfort. The IR heaters are positioned so that they enclose you as a sauna in the best way.
Infrared saunas are energy efficient
Energy saving sauna

Traditional Sauna
Sauna heater Harvia 6 kW creates the heating of the air for the traditional sauna bath.
If the unit is the "brain" in the sauna, the stones are the heart of the unit. The stones must be placed airily for the fastest heating of the air. A good sauna stone efficiently generates heat and quickly evaporates the water you throw at the unit. Adjustment takes place on the unit.


Sauna external dimensions

Length 1800 mm
Depth 1800 mm
Height 2000 mm


Material specification

Outside Hemlock standing panel, untreated
Inside Hemlock standing panel, untreated
Door Tempered glass 8 mm, clear glass
Hinge Brushed steel
Handle Hemlock wood vertical-outside acrylic art glass teardrop-shaped
Bench Level1 500 mm level 2 500mm
Backrest Built-in ergonomic backrests at level 2
Floor Detachable


Heating system IR Vitalight

IR-Vitalight 14 st
Total effect 4200W / 3x10A / 18Amp
Electrical connection Connection of a certified electrician
Steering Control panel inside the sauna and remote control.
Timer control To 90 minutes
Temperature control To 65 degrees
Dimmable Power setting choose between 25-50-75-100%


Heating system Traditional sauna

Sauna heater Harvia Vega (Included)
Total effect 6 kW
Electrical connection 3-phase 400V /
Steering On the unit
Control panel Timer function
Power mode 1-4


Sound system

Speaker 2 pcs
Feature Bluetooth connection with radio, MP3, and USB
Inside Rectangular color therapy panel in the ceiling, adjustable in 7 different colors
As well as arc with color therapy hidden in ceiling cornice 4 sides.
Mounting An extra 10 cm in ceiling height is required for installation
Recommendation min two people when assembling
Ventilation Passive ventilation in the ceiling

Wood type 1st variety Hemlock from Canada.

Low EMF: Read more about EMF

Data sheet
Sauna Size
Sauna for 5-8 people
Energy class